For the first time ever in TANZANIA, the famous WCT Crew laid its first mark on the salty waters of the Indian ocean. Call the project "the ocean boot" as the above picture 'the invader' indicating life & vegetation out there.......

For thoz used to working indoors (on land), putting a piece on waters has some crazy difficulties, one being dehydration. Putting that "off" mind tho', WCT Crew nailed it through out............

Meddy, Kalasinga, Mejah, Biggy and Localfanatics can out representin' on a fishermen's boat named FEISAL which makes its fishing routes from and between Dar es salaam - Zanzibar - Kilwa and Mafia Island.................

High tide and Low tide being another speedy challenge faced, the time between the two is only 2.5 hours at the Dar es Salaam dug-out habour. The whole project was interesting & fun. Check out FEISAL @ Kigamboni. For your eyez only. PEACE.


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